RideWrap Application

By Western Bike Company

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Located a stone’s throw away from world-class riding, Western Bike Company is Vancouver Island’s premier RideWrap destination. 

We offer a full selection of frame kits, fork kits and shuttle armor with wrap printing directly on site. That means if RideWrap makes a kit for your bike, we have it in stock!

Application Service Pricing

Essential Kit

$50.00 CAD

*Installation Only
  • Essential Frame Kit
  • Downtube Kit
  • Downtube Kit Installation
Covered Kit

$70.00 CAD

*Installation Only
  • Covered Frame Kit
  • Covered Fork Kit
  • Fork Kit Installation
Tailored Kit

$180.00 CAD

*Installation Only
  • Tailored Frame Kit
    *per model
  • Tailored Fork Kit
    *per model
  • Fork Kit Installation
Extra Protection
  • Shuttle Pad Armor
  • Chainstay Armor
  • Installation (each)

Pricing reflects cost to install a RideWrap Protection kit and does not include required parts kits (sold separately) & materials. All prices are listed in Canadian dollars.

Wrap Your Ride

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Our mechanics offer full-service installation services, including tailored and custom kits. Use this form to get started, and someone will get back in touch to book your installation.

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